ARTgila 123




Catalogue (Crearte Project, Spain, UJaen,  2016) 


1957  Collection of children's drawings


Students Drawings in the 2008 InSEA Exhibition, OSAKA world Congress, Japan. 









Raw Material Project 





InSEA SelfPortraits Exhibition 2014


Exhibition Send a Visual Message 

PORUKE/MESS@GESS, From: Students aged 12 – 19, 2013 (2014, 2015). Org : Mirjana Tomasevic Dancevic >



BOL/PAIN :  Feeling of pain in artwork of women artist-educators expressed in the medium of digital photo, 2010.Org : Mirjana Tomasevic Dancevic 

 Bol/PAIN, 2011

BOL/PAIN :  Feeling of pain in artwork of students aged 12 – 19, 2011,.Org : Mirjana Tomasevic Dancevic 


JOY-Radost 2012

JOY/Radost :  Feeling of joy in digital photos of students aged 12 – 19, 2012. Org : Mirjana Tomasevic Dancevic 




InSEA Students art works Gallery



UNESCO Arts Education Week  - InAE Online Exhibition 2015


"My Dream of Peace"

Wishes of peace from children around the world collected by Friendship Force International and International Paint Pals.


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