InSEA Elections


Dear InSEA Members
It gives me tremendous pleasure to share the results of our recent election for our two Vice Presidents and World Councillors. Please join me in welcoming our newly elected world councillors to the InSEA World Council beginning at the end of our Korean World Congress in August 2017. On behalf of the entire InSEA membership, let me extend our deepest appreciation for the work you are doing and will do for art education worldwide!
Vice Presidents Samia ElSheikh Steve Willis
European World Councillors Susan Coles Gabriella Pataky Joaquin Roldan
North American World Councillors Karen Hutzel Marjorie Cohee Manifold Alice Wexler
Middle East and African World Councillors Mohammed Al-Amri Nuray Mamur Ahmed Hatem Said
Southeast Asia and the Pacific World Councillors Kathryn Coleman Robert F. .Hayden Jr. Kim Snepvangers
As a reminder, the following individuals have been elected by acclamation.  They deserve our congratulations too!
President Teresa Eca
Asia Sunah Kim Maho Sato
Latin America Mirian Celeste Martins Flavia Pedrosa Vasconcelos

Thank you to everyone who allowed their names to stand
At this time I also want to thank all those who allowed their name to stand for election yet were not elected.  Your commitment to InSEA and the work of art education is greatly appreciated.  Each you are held in the highest esteem among your colleagues. Thank you and we hope to continue seeing you at InSEA events in the future.
Thank you to those who assisted with the election
And lastly, I want to thank Anna Ryoo, a PhD student in art education at the University of British Columbia who worked with me on the InSEA Elections.  She was amazing and I am indebted to her for making the process so seamless.  I also want to thank James Sanders and Teresa Eca for their assistance with member checking and membership communication.  Working together we made a large job seem more manageable!
Through Art Rita Irwin Past President, InSEA Elections Chair




World Council  2017-2019



    Teresa Torres de Eça       Steve Willis                  

Past President    







Treasurer       Secretary                 Archivist   InSEA UNESCO Rep.            
Rita Irwin    Teresa Torres de Eca

Samia Elsheikh    

        Steve Willis James Sanders          John Steers   Marie Françoise Chavannes  




Mohamed Al-Amri 

Nuray Mamur


Ahmed Hatem Said 


Region Asia    


Maho Sato 

Sunah Kim 


Region Europe

Gabriella Pataky Joaquin Roldan Susan Coles  
Region Europe Gabriella Pataky                            

Joaquin Roldan  





 Susan M. Coles


Miriam Celeste Flavia Pedrosa Vasconcelos    
Region Latin America Miriam Celeste Martins Flávia P. Vasconcelos    




 Alice Wexler Marjorie Manifold Karen Hutzel  


Kathryn Coleman

Robert F. Hayden J

Kim Snepvangers




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