History of InSEA

John Steers (2006) InSEA: Past, Present and Future. 



First InSEA - click to enlarge photo

First InSEA, 1956
Upper group, left to right: Emil Betzler (Germany); M. P. Alladin (Trinidad, British West Indies); Rikard Sneum (Denmark); Dr. M. Y. Bassiouny (Egypt); A. Kroonenber (the Netherlands); G. J. van Koppenhagen (the Netherlands); Osamu Muro (Japan).

Lower group, left to right: Ap Boerma (the Netherlands); Mme. Kamala Coelho-Veloso (Portugal); Dr. Carlo Leoni, INSEA Secretariat (Italy); Dr. C. D. Gaitskell (Canada); Mile. Henriette Noyer (France), Secretary; Dr. Edwin Ziegfeld, InSEA President (U.S.A.);

Insea World Congress, 1981

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Intersection of Arts Education & Special Education Conference (7-8 Aug 2013, Washington DC, USA) 

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Office of VSA and Accessibility, is organizing the 2013 ‘Examining the Intersection of Arts Education and Special Education Conference’.  This unique conference presents practices, policies and research at the forefront of serving students with disabilities thorough arts and special education. More information>>  


CIMAM 2013 Annual Conference -New Dynamics in Museums (12–14 Aug 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

New Dynamics in Museums: Curator, Artwork, Public, Governance - The CIMAM 2013 Annual Conference is hosted at MAM Rio – Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro and organized in collaboration with Suzy Muniz Produçoes. Rather than on the question of what museums represent, the focus of this year’s conference New Dynamics in Museums: Curator, Artwork, Public, Governance will be on who the agents of representation are. Having become too extensive to be represented in the museum context in its entirety, the world is now only presentable through the forces that shape it. And the same goes for the art world, which can be less grasped encyclopedically than ever before. Art was the first to express a critical attitude to the dominant forces shaping reality, most directly with institutional critique. After being dealt with by art, museum work embraced self-

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