World Council

Message from the President

On behalf of the Executive Board of InSEA I want to welcome the new members of InSEA. We are a membership-led organisation and we need your suggestions to continue to drive the Society according to your expectations.  We made InSEA more visible in UNESCO by sending delegates to the Peace Forum in Mexico and to the NGO meetings in Paris and Saudi Arabia. Thanks to   Angel Ramirez; Mohammed Al Amri and of course Past-President Marie-Françoise Chavanne for her invaluable help making InSEA stronger with UNESCO in Paris. The InSEA publications group has also been busy preparing the next InSEA e-book, which, we believe, will be a milestone in education through the art.  In the areas of Research and Praxis the working groups have been making good progress. Our research journal, the International Journal of Education through Art (IJETA) is now in its 13th volume and the praxis e-magazine IMAG in its fifth edition!!! Thanks to all the volunteers who have worked so hard to make this possible!! A great agenda for future congresses and seminars is now in place,   during 2018 we will have the European regional congress in Helsinki;  a Latin American Regional congress in Santiago do Chile; an Africa and Middle East Regional congress in Cairo and an Asia Reegional Congress in Hong Kong; in 2019 write in your diaries the InSEA world congress will be in Vancouver, Canada!!!Our advocacy  power is developing rapidly, we received an invitation to speak about art education to a policy group of the European Community. Increasing numbers of Doctoral students are interested in our history, which is continuously updated by past President John Steers. Our calls for participation in international activities about education through art are increasingly popular.So thank you so much for making the Society such a lively and useful network for so many people around the world!!!  Let's continue our work; keep in touch using our website and help us to increase members and profile in your region!!!

InSEA President

Teresa Torres de Eca

InSEA World Council 2017-2019

Executive Board

                President Teresa Torres de Eca   Past President and Ijeta editor Rita Irwin   Secretary Glen Coutts     treasurer James Sanders    Vice President Samia Elshaik  Vice President Steve Willis


Teresa Torres de Eca, President;  Rita Irwin, Past-President and IJETA Editor; Glen Coutts , Secretary; James Sanders, Treasurer; Samia ElShaik , Vice President; Steve Willis, Vice-President 



Mohamed Al-Amri 

Nuray Mamur


Ahmed Hatem Said 


Region Asia    


Maho Sato 

Sunah Kim 

 Jun Ju  

Region Europe

Gabriella Pataky Joaquin Roldan Susan Coles  
Region Europe Gabriella Pataky                            

Joaquin Roldan  




 Susan M. Coles


Miriam Celeste Flavia Pedrosa Vasconcelos    
Region Latin America Miriam Celeste Martins Flávia P. Vasconcelos  Olga Lucia Olaya Parra  




 Alice Wexler Marjorie Manifold Karen Hutzel  


Kathryn Coleman

Robert F. Hayden J

Kim Snepvangers










Communication Team

Amanda Alexander, InSEA assistant treasurer   Amanda Alexander, Assistant Treasurer/ Membership 

 Sandrine Han; Heidi May  and Delong Gu 

Social channels 

  InSEA rep to UNESCO NGO Meetings
Marie-Francoise Chavanne

Angela Saldanha and Ana Barbero 


  Archivist of InSEA Collection and Jane Rhoades Hudak Collection
John Steers

What we do

The World Council attempts to advance art education worldwide by advocating for strong
arts education programs, networking with a
wide range of arts related organizations and
promoting research across the field.



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