CALL for Contributions: RELATE NORTH 2017

You are invited to submit artworks and/or an abstract for the symposium and exhibition RELATE NORTH 2017.
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Next EnVIL conference 


ELTE Workshop for Arts Education (REWAE).

Date: 23-24 June, 2017

ELTE University, Faculty of Science, H-1117 Budapest, Pázmány Péter s. 1/A



Budapest, Hungary, June 2017 

 Five faculties of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Hungary’s oldest research university, has launched a series of yearly arts education workshops and invites practitioners of all the art forms, active or interested in education, to meet in discipline based sessions and interdisciplinary workshops, exhibitions and extended poster sessions at the ELTE Workshop for Arts Education (REWAE).


 International Conference Art, Illustration and Visual Culture in Preschool and Primary Education- Conference : Criticism mediation inside and outside school  . San Sebastian , Spain June 29/july 1st,  2017



 16th International Art Exhibition in Finland.

The theme Together can be interpreted freely and dealt with in various ways in order for the participant's culture, environment and individual ideas to emerge. The entries should be sent by post to arrive no later than May 31 year 2017. The exhibition will take place in Villa Arttu Cultural Centre in Hyvinkää from October 4  year 2017 to January 19 year 2018.

See here the open call for the 16th international exhibition.



The European Network of Observatories in the Field of Arts and Cultural Education (ENO) connects knowledge centres in European countries. It aims to facilitate the exchange of research findings and innovative practice, to stimulate new research in arts and cultural education and to support the development of arts education within the framework of global UNESCO-policies and guidelines for education, culture and sustainable development.


From Hungary Exhibition of winning projects of a Hungarian national art and design education competition, in honour of the 2016 European Regional Conference of InSEA




The Hungarian Art Educators’ Association (HATA), in co-operation with the Visual Culture in Education Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Science at ELTE University, organised a national competition of visual arts projects in 2016, to honour the European Regional Conference of InSEA in Vienna. Child and youth art from all over Hungary were exhibited between 22-24 September at AMAPED, the Austrian Association of Hungarian Teachers. Artworks reflected current political and social changes like economic crisis, migration, and issues of integrating new technology in everyday life and showed new trends in Hungarian art education and professional development and find international partners for arts based collaboration.

The winners introduced a variety of innovative educational models: Zsuzska Mészáros showed design projects involving the reconceptualization of the school environment, Erika Kugler presented a project to develop problem solving skills through an integration of arts and filmmaking, Judit Fiedler showed how creative work in social media genres may enhance creative expression, Valéria Póczos presented the Budapest Metropolitan Complex Art Competition, an important benchmarking and networking event for art and design educators.

The exhibition was opened on 21 September by Valéria Póczos, M. A., designer and art educator, representative for Hungary on the European Council who was co-organiser of the exhibition and Szilvia Mensik, B.A., chairperson of AMAPED.

After the conference, the exhibition was shown at the monthly meeting of the Master Teachers' Workshop in Arts Education, with reports on InSEA 2016 highlights that were most relevant for the Hungarian arts education scene. In 2016-17, the show will go on tour in Hungary, accompanied by workshops and presentations featuring current international trends in art education as well as the four Moholy-Nagy Visual Art Education Modules, currently developed by the Visual Culture in Education Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Science at ELTE University, coordinated by Andrea Kárpáti in co-operation with Emil Gaul. 



The Art Centre of Palacký University in Olomouc hosted a conference titled The Current Affairs and Perspectives of Art Education – Reflecting on the Curricular Documents for General Education which took place on 1-2 December 2015.The conference was held under the auspices of doc. Ing. Čestmír Serafín, Dr. Ing-Paed IGIP, Dean of the Faculty of Education at Palacký University in Olomouc, and with the active presence of Marjan Prevodnik, a long-term Chair of European Regional Council InSEA. The conference was also supported by Carl-Peter Buschkühle, the current Chair of European Regional Council InSEA, who sent a written letter of support to the delegates of the Czech section of InSEA.The conference was organised by the Department of Art Education in the Faculty of Education at Palacký University in Olomouc with the premise to renew the activities of the Czech section of InSEA. It also hoped to spark discussions on the topical issues of the field, some of which certainly are the reflection on art education curriculum for general education seen through a prism of the decade which has just passed since its implementation, as well as the issue of standards and field competences, the current research and expert discourse and the practice of art education in the context of both formal and informal education. The conference was attended by 80 registered participants and other tens of students and educators.During the conference the importance and role of the Czech section of InSEA was discussed as well as the way in which to renew its activities and the vision for its future plans. A plenary meeting of the members of the Czech section of InSEA took place as well as the election of the new committee. The members of the new committee were elected as follows: Petra Šobáňová, Jaroslav Vančát, Kateřina Štěpánková, Jana Jiroutová, Václava Zamazalová, Karin Militká, Věra Uhl Skřivanová. The members of a review board were elected as follows: Aleš Pospíšil, Karel Řepa, and Vladimír Havlík. On the first day of the new committee, the members of the committee met in order to appoint individual members to posts as according to the statutes. The new appointed Chair of the Czech section of InSEA is Petra Šobáňová (under whose activities the whole process of the renewal of the Czech section of InSEA was started and the conference organised), the vice chair is Jaroslav Vančát, the secretary is Václava Zamazalová, and the treasurer is Karin Militká. New tasks of the Czech section of InSEA were defined during the meeting of the newly appointed committee which will be gradually completed and the future successful operation of the organisation will be ensured.

The successful conference proved the unflagging interest of art educators, experts and students of the Czech Republic in holding regular meetings, sharing their experience and promoting education through art. The organisers of the conference would also like to extend their thanks to all participants and hosts, as well as to Marjan Prevodnik for his interesting talk and workshop, and to Carl-Peter Buschkühle for his written greeting which was warmly received by all the conference participants.

Petra Šobáňová /Chair of the Czech section of InSEA




Lisbon letter: 

Letter from InSEA to the European Parliament    17-11-2015

Letter supporting visual arts in Croatian schools . InSEA, August, 2014.

Letter from InSEA to the English  Education Secretary , November 2014

Conclusions of the 1st RIAEA Congress , 2008 ( In Portuguese) ; (In  Spanish )


2014 - 2017 Europe World Council Regional Representatives


     Peter Gregory


     Martina Paatela-Nieminen



Janeke Wienk



InSEA Institutional  Members and Affiliated Organizations in Europe


Suomen InSEA- Education Through Art Association in Finland

 Museopedagoginen yhdistys Pedaali ry

(The Finnish Association for Museum Education Pedaali)




BDK e. V. Fachverband für Kunstpä






EstSEA-Estonian Society for Education through Art,

 Arkki, School of Architecture for Children and Youth  Finland

NSEAD- The National Society for Education in Art and Design,

 United Kingdom
Croatian Council of InSEA Croatia
LAT-InSEA; Association of  Art Educators’ of Latvia, Latvia Latvia

Visuell och Materiell Kultur, Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk

Konstfack: University College of Arts, Craft and Design, 

UMEA University Sweden
Moderna Museet  Sweden
University of Oulu Finland
University of applied arts in Vienna Austria
ArtEZ Professorship of Education in Arts and Culture The Netherlands
Vitamine C Belgium
Cyprus Society for Education through Art, Cyprus
 C3 is a collective of  researchers, art teachers and artists working in activist art education,  Spain. Web page: C3 n Facebook   Spain/Plortugal

Red de artistas- docentes. Educación artística, plástica y visual, en clave 3.0, 

Spain/Latin America
 Hungarian Art Teachers Association

 Czech section INSEA  Czech Republic

APECV: Visual Arts Teachers Association


AAEAM: Visual arts Education Association of Madeira  Portugal

Society of Icelandic Art Teachers

Department of Arts, Open Communities and Adult Education, University of Malta  Malta
Pol-InSEA,Children'ts Art Centre in Poznan Poland

Görsel Sanatlar Eğitimi Derneği (Turkish Visual Arts Education Association),



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