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InSEA at the PACE exchange of views on "Education and culture: new partnerships to support personal development and cohesion"-3 April 2017 in Aarhus, Denmark (Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly)

InSEA Rep.: Marie-Françoise Chavanne, InSEA Past president.

During the meeting of Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly in Aarhus, Denmark, INSEA was invited as an expert Organization . Marie-Françoise Chavanne was invited to represent INSEA’s experience and recommendations on Education and Culture: new partnerships to support personal development and cohesion.

See Here the presentation (French


InSEA letters









These letters endorse the standpoints of  arts teachers who share a commitment to include the arts as a vital part of all education reforms.





Joint Advocacy Papers

Joint Declaration of the International Drama/Theatre and Education Association (IDEA), International Society for Education through Art (InSEA), and the International Society for Music Education (ISME) dated March 6, 2006. 




Daegu, August 2017


Read Here Saria Sidky; Herbert Read Award speech,  Daegu, August 2017


Josip Roca . Edwin Ziegfeld  lecture

at the 34th InSEA world congress, Melbourne,July 2014

  John Steers. Herbert Read Lecture , 32th InSEA world congress,  Budapest 2011

article written by Elliot W. Eisner entitled

"What can education learn from the arts about the practice of education?" The article is based on a lecture Dr. Eisner gave in 2002 at Stanford University.



InSEA Surveys:  

In 2012, a group of art education researchers spearheaded an international survey of art educators. InSEA would like to thank Melody Milbrandt, Teresa Eca, Kevin Hsieh and Ryan Shin for their commitment to art education and InSEA. This report begins to help us understand how art educators perceive art education in their countries and around the world. Should you wish to contact the researchers feel free to contact Melody Milbrandt 




Advocacy Papers From InSEA Affilliates:


SEE WHITE PAPER FROM NIGERIA: Nurturing Creativity in Every Child: the Role of Art by Prince Olusegun Michael, Adeniyi


Carta de Buenos Aires. CONSEJO LATINOAMERICANO DE EDUCACION POR EL ARTE:  “QUÉ ARTE PARA QUÉ EDUCACIÓN”. Conclusions of the CLEA congress in Buenos Aires, August 2014  ( Spanish language) 


Conclusiones del Congreso Iberoamericano de Educación Artística; Sentidos Transibéricos, Beja, Portugal 2008  (In Spanish;  In Portuguese


Survival Kit  : Developed by C3 group .  Presented in the InSEA Lisbon Congress, July 2015. Please download and use it for your best convenience. With the support of  'Liter21, grupo de investigación de la Universidade de Santiago de Compostela'

Suvival Kit in English/  Kit en Espanol/  Kit em PT 


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